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conductING cloud cyber security PROFESSIONALLY

I offer cyber security consultant for Host/Server/Web, in the defensive and offensive side, like hardening, penetration testing, security demos, etc.

  •    IT Security Policy

  •    IOT security

  •    Linux related research

  •    Employee awareness of cybersecurity

  •    Secure computer usages

  •    Penetration testing

  •    Digital Forensics

  •    information Security

  •    Cloud computing

  •    Cryptography

  •    Risk assessment and management plans with mitigation

Darcy Peltz 

 Professional proofreader 

dp Proofreading Services 

"Revisions made easy!"  

As a young adult, I often immersed myself in fantasy novels, as youthful people often do to escape reality. In my case, reading classic sagas such as The Lord of the Rings and The Dream Hunter allowed me to explore my own imagination.

Your happiness is truly my top priority and I make sure to convey that message in the work that I provide. Click the link below to see my PORTFOLIO:

I don’t do what I do for the money. I do it because I love proofreading — and I love my clients!

Mahdi Amiri 


I will edit professional photoshop manipulation and photo retouch

Wanna meet your digital twine,being in a battleground,Shake Trump's hand, selfie with Ronaldo or Messi,fight to yourself,how about (Dreamy,Cinematic,Legendary,Fantasy,Romantic..)scene, being a PUBG character, remove your ex wife, being a hacker,one of avengers,meet the perfect version of you...annnnd much more?!! well glad to tell you that you have met the right partner.

  • Super easy to work with

  • 24*7 free to reply you

  • Creative or simply a Photoshop magician

  • 7 years experience

  • 100% guarantee to re-do if you don't like it

  • Client satisfaction is his priority

emmily Joye 

fitness model 

I will do your fitness modeling professionally 

I will be your fitness model!

If you need content for your website or product. I can help with any fitness related content that requires a fitness girl. I've helped many companies from all over the world, to successfully promote their blog, product, or website.


location according to the buyer, it can be in the gym, home, or outside. If you have products related to fitness you would like me to model let me know.

  • Exercises Demos |  Fit Selfies | Home Park Exercises

  • pictures

  • Great Quality 


crypto analyst (ethereum) 

trustable ethereum wallet provider

Our Amazing system is backed by a Smart Contract... 

It is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. Benefits of Joining the Million Money Project

  1. Registration fee is only 0.036ETH

  2. The program is self-sufficient, it cannot be stopped or destroyed because it is built on blockchain technology

  3. It is a member to member crowdfunding program meaning registration are sent direct to other members Ethereum wallet and every registered member is in full control of their wallet.

  4. Every member introduces only 2 people once

  5. You can choose to dedicate your spare time to build this program and become very rich as you grow your team. And much More...

Are you not a made millionaire already...

Do you need to look for job after school?

Answer is NO

Lauren Marie

 Graphic designer

I will design a versatile logo for you

"Great designs for a good price"  

I have been designing logos all my life, so I have a good idea of what I’m doing. Because I offer unlimited revisions, you will always leave my shop satisfied. And for the slight chance that you don’t, I guarantee you a full refund. I create feminine, watercolor, and marble logos which would work perfectly for an Etsy shop, boutique, or even a special brand. I hope to work with you soon.


* Custom logos made just to your liking*

Matic Blagonič 

 Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer 

Mix and Master Your Song on a Professional Level

I will use my knowledge, gained at the Conservatory for Music in Ljubljana and the University of West London: BA: Music Technology Specialist programme, to digitally mix and master your song, so it sounds professional, balanced, clear, and ready to be uploaded onto various streaming services!

                       Sound like a Pro!

paula Lopez

 Latin dancer

I will create a dance choreography for any song  

I am a professional Jamaican dancer. I specialize in reggae, dancehall, and modern dancing. I can create a choreography that will be professionally filmed and edited. Any video you get here can be used for music videos, advertisements, promotion of your product or can be used on any social media platform (Instagram, youtube, Facebook). 



I will do youtube promotion and SEO to monetize your channel

I do campaigns for YouTube channel promotion so you will get genuine organic growth and the aim of this service is to help to get more real and active traffic/audience for completing YouTube monetization requirements.  

I strictly follow YouTube and fiver TOS. So, you will get organic YouTube Promotion.  



If you couldn't find a suitable freelancer for your work above, check below. You will find some other professional freelancers. They are skilled and friendly. Check out their services and place your orders based on your needs.

- Jenny po - 

 Cyber security specialist

Mohammed Enfarad Chowdhury


- farhaj khan- 

 Onpage seo expert

- Jeshua Yancey - 

 Voice - Over Artist/ voice actor

-  Adedayo A. - 

 Ebook Writer 

(Fiction & Non-fiction) 

- Minuka Ferrira - 

  Web designer and developer

- N3rd_grl_32 - 

 Graphic Designer

- Tomas Vitek - 

 Graphic Designer

- ArtSages  - 

 Design studio

- Elizabith marci - 

  tatoo artist

-  Lauren - 

 Graphic Designer

-  Summyn leo - 

 Cloud Engineer

-  Hello_Logos - 

 Logo Designer

- Soshiance Tech Gig - 

 Wordpress web development

- Soshiance Tech Gig - 

 Wordpress website troubleshooting

- Soshiance Tech Gig - 

 Aws cloud service (Amazon Web service)

- Soshiance Tech Gig - 

 Gig/service promotion service

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